Shingles: Which Color is Best?

There are so many different color options available when it comes to shingles. Whether you are wanting a more contemporary look, or to match the current color, there’s a few things you want to consider. Does your HOA have specific guidelines you need to follow. Some communities restrict certain colors or have particular colors your… Continue reading Shingles: Which Color is Best?

Things to Consider: Commercial Roofing

Things to consider with your commercial roof Your choice of material for your commercial roof is one of the most important decisions and there are some factors you want to consider when choosing your material such as location, the type of building, and the desired aesthetic appeal. The average lifespan of roofing materials is 20… Continue reading Things to Consider: Commercial Roofing

An Introduction to Commercial Roofing

The finest commercial roofing companies use safety equipment and safe practices to protect your contractors and provide a safe work environment. Failure to follow safe practices could lead to injury, leaving you liable. Reduce the risk of injury on your property by ensuring your roofing company uses safe practices and equipment like Elite Roofing &… Continue reading An Introduction to Commercial Roofing